Life Stories

Life Lessons

  • Someone told me to get a life. I said, “I don’t really like that cereal. If you wanted some, though, it’s on the aisle with the breakfast stuff in Walmart.”
    I now have two jobs and I love to run.
  • People that I thought were friends turned out to just be acquaintances. Me: “That’s totally fine. I’ve got books, my bed, and my pets. I have had all the friends I need my whole life and I just didn’t realize it.”
  • “Hey, B****. Watch where you’re going.” Me: Oh, wait. Do you have a dog with you? I don’t either.
  • “You are the biggest A**hole I’ve ever met.” Me: Only you would spend your free-time gazing at an animal’s butt.
  • “Volleyball isn’t a sport.” My response: It’s not? ‘Cause I pretty sure they can cross the entire court in the amount of time it takes you to say that. My team and I show up with more bruises than you get in a full year. We work harder than you and your football team combined. Tell me again how ‘Volleyball isn’t a sport’ because I clearly didn’t hear you correctly.

Don’t ever let someone get away with bashing you or something you love. Make them wish they would’ve kept quiet. You don’t have to kick them to the ground; just give him/her a little push (not physically, those fights don’t end well.) If it gets too bad, you need to get backup. Your backup can be a close friend, a trusted adult, or even your meanest looking pet. If you choose to bring a pet, though, make sure it won’t cause any harm.

That is all I can offer, right now. If you have anything to add, post your comments below.

Advice for everything,

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